For those of us with 3D viewing systems capable of side by side viewing at last there is a navigable site with nothing but 3D content. ChannelFree is being primarily developed for use with screen technology capable of 1280/720 resolution and configured to work side/side L/R.

ChannelFree is a visual environment where text is used sparingly for practical reasons. There is a considerable amount of information relating to the content which is best viewed in 2D. To this end the structure of the ChannelFree site is reproduced here, ChannelFree Info Mirror . Reviews, information, links and products associated with the pages and galleries will be detailed in the info mirror. An info cart will soon be available to collect this information as you navigate ChannelFree. Watch out too for the implementation of the ChannelFree Tour Bus.

To visit ChannelFree if you intend to surf with a full size screen, keyboard and mouse, use this link – ChannelFree.

If you have an Owl viewer, or any tablet/mobile 3D screen solution it is possible to navigate ChannelFree. The site is not currently configured to emulate stereo cards but one can get an idea of what is possible.

If you have a portable device with a mouse or mouse emulating HID. Please note that the cursor will probably still be visible. It should not be, ignore it and use the Tile Map to navigate. Then move the cursor to the bottom of the screen for more comfortable viewing. It is intended to develop a stereoscope friendly service in the near future. To proceed please use this link – ChannelFree

If all you have is your touch screen. It is possible to navigate the ChannelFree site, although you’ll have to be a bit canny. To find out how use this link – Touchy ChannelFree .

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