Sultans of 3D portrait gallery

This portrait gallery contains images of people who’s contributions to 3D extend over many years. Most of the images were captured using the VX12 Deepcam which can be seen in image 7. Many thanks to stereoscopic society chairman Andrew Hurst for providing that image.
1        A stereoscopic film rig by Onsite, a pioneering facilities company, providing production and post production services for film and television.     Their website .
2        Prof Martin Richardson, renowned holographic artist, gained the worlds first PhD in display holography from The Royal College of Art in 1988. He was responsible for sponsoring the development of the VX12. This is a link to his profile at De Montfort-
3        Matthew Andrews. Graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1989 with the Prudential Award for Holography and won a John Downs Trust Award in 1990. Currently providing high quality 3D services through his company Holovista.
4        Dr Brian Harold May, CBE is an English musician, singer, songwriter and astrophysicist who achieved international fame as the lead guitarist of the rock band Queen. He indulges his passion for 3D here .
5        Denis Pellerin. Historian, writer and curator for The London Stereoscopic Company. His biography can be found here .
6        Jacob A Purches, professional photographer, founder of Base 2 Stusdio, one of the world’s earliest digital lenticular design and production studios established in 1998. Website-
7        Phil ‘Captain 3D’ McNally is considered to be one of the most experienced stereographers in the world. Renowned, amongst many things, for his work with Disney and Dreamworks. Website-
8        Dr Steven Smith. An impressive history of work with holography. Check it out here-
9        Jonathan Ross, a world renowned collector of all forms of 3D. Check out his Hologram Collection website, it’s a must see if you love 3D. Hopefully the Holographic section of ChannelFree will soon contain exhibits from that collection. He often exhibits holographic and other 3D art at Gallery286. Look out also for coverage of Gallery286, his home and gallery in Earls Court, in the sculpture section of ChannelFree. We soon hope to have images of sculptures by his wife, Camilla Shivarg, as well as light sculptures and other physical 3D art.

If you wish to visit Sultans of 3D gallery now, get ready to invoke 3D mode and click here.