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The Engineers Buddy bluetooth keyboard and mouse emulator module turns any Android phone/tablet into a programmable remote control for any computer system.



If you wish to build the hardware full instructions are available at the Instructables website. To view them CLICK HERE

Two apps, Enginneers Buddy keyboard/mouse/macro recorder and the Commander Macro Player make this a powerful tool with a multitude of uses.

In conjunction with the Engineers Buddy app this is a great tool for systems engineers. No more carrying a USB keyboard on site for work with kiosk systems, tills etc. The OEM board and shuttle pouch build is just 10cm long and under 1.7oz (45g). It clips on to your keyring, belt loop, or just tucks neatly into a pocket. It is also the best way to produce macros for the Commander app.

Potential uses with the Commander macro player app:-

Security. Every security camera(or bystander), wherever you are typing on a keyboard, is a potential key logger. Type recorded secure information, such as passwords, with the press of a single button on your smart phone or tablet.

Medical. Considerable potential for people providing services and assistance to the handicapped or disabled, giving them access to complicated keyboard driven procedures, such as entering their user name and password and then invoking an application function, all with the press of a single button.

Commercial. Great for repetitive tasks, such as configuring systems for roll out or rebuilding in the field with minimal staff training.

Administrative. Permanently install the Engineers Buddy hardware on a system with no keyboard or mouse. Staff or visitors can connect, using the Commander app, to run tailored macros, providing restricted/automated functionality according to user status/department.

For a better insight, check out the instructions on how to use both apps using the following links.

The Engineers Buddy kbd/mouse/macro recorder :-…

The Commander macro player app :-…

Use the following links to download the apps. They will only work if you have the Engineers Buddy bluetooth module. However, the Commander app is free, if you wish to experiment with it.

The Engineers Buddy kbd/mouse/macro recorder :-…

The Commander macro player app :-…

* Will work with PC, MAC, Linux, some games consoles and Android devices (dependant upon power to the USB port) .