Louis Dobblemann stereo cards

This collection of stereo cards was provided for scanning by an unrecorded contributor. They had been bequeathed by his grandmother.

If you want to ‘feel’ the past you’ll be hard pressed to find better resource than this.
The way in which the stereographer has tried to capture every day moments in a presentable way, or contrived to represent it, is refelected by image 14 on page 1. The children on the bathtub invite your imagination into a more private place. Where you can splash yourself down in a tub which is quite short and uses much less hot water. The whole gallery exudes an appreciation of the artists quality of life.
On the same page, image 11, not kids, small versions of the adults around them.
Elsewhere, off boating..unsupervised…..and in image 10, a very young adult educating the viewer, as to how concerned to be when confronted by a larger and potentialy dangerous creature.
Happy days….for a few people anyway.
If the design of the crane type in image 8 on page 4 wasn’t the inspiration for the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz then I’ll eat his hat.

If you wish to visit that gallery now, get ready to invoke 3D mode and click here.