Décor on Demand

In this currently very small range of carefully chosen, naturally beautiful images, the subject has been meticulously isolated. Giving you the choice of how to present it. These galleries will contain isolations which can tailored online or available as downloadable image sets. Up to 24, parallel configured frames spanning up to 40degrees of view, will be available, from which you’ll be to able to download as many as you like, be it a stereo pair or even a single 2D image if that’s all you require. Choose from a range of gradient fills and backgrounds to co-ordinate colour emphasis with the intended environment with just a few clicks, or create your own. Then either submit the work here for print on demand, 3D Holphoto or 2D print, or use your downloaded master images for anything you want. Whether it be prints for your living room, clubhouse or a hotel chain, or material for multimedia or marketing applications, Leadervision Décor on Demand makes life easy. This process is still in development so in the meantime contact Leadervision for personal attention.




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