The Vision

Over the years my passion for three dimensional imaging has been fuelled by it’s ability to mimic reality and my love of science and technology. The art is in the subject and the way it’s presented, the goal the redistribution and preservation of reality. I didn’t set out to be creative beyond creating the tools and processes to serve the medium. That is not to say that I’m not creative, it’s just that the art that I’m pursuing here is engineering, across a spectrum of disciplines, even the images are engineered.

Whilst I thoroughly enjoy and continue to work with the creative and practical aspects of virtual and augmented reality, I’m very interested in using virtuality as a carrier for reality. Undoubtedly the rather far fetched but desirable concept of teleportation as presented in Star Trek etc. will not be developed in the foreseeable future. It is not unreasonable though to envisage systems that so realistically immerse the user that the process might be described as Virtual Teleportation. The ecological and economic potential of further reducing a measurable proportion of global and even medium to short range travel to data transmission needs little further explanation. It may have profound implications for the future of space exploration and the quality of life in remote colonies.

To such ends I have always endeavoured to address the problems that inhibit the progress and widespread utilisation of current technology, whatever the application. Focussing on display systems for holography, developing a rig that provides eye contact for video telephony, Virtual Frame Integration to deal with frame violation and a great deal more.

I am currently producing images with the equipment I’ve developed to explore it’s potentials and generate funding. They’re not the usual stylised high volume prints that are cheaply available to the mass market but exploit the one off capability of my printing system to provide a wide range of more realistic, affordable, high quality images that serve the beauty of the subject and the sensibilities of the viewer. I am also nursing several innovations with considerable social, economic and ecological potential.

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